DBInfosys Services Offerings


The following is a summary of services offered by DBInfosys. These and other custom technical service offerings can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.


A Remote Database Administration (hereafter known as RDBA) contract allows the customer access to any of these services based on a monthly, quarterly, yearly hour allotment. RDBA rates are based upon the quantity of hours and duration of the contract. Alternatively, services can be purchased at standard weekly rates to accommodate specific technical needs on a one-off basis, such as onsite specific needs.


System Design & Installation

Complete end-to-end software installation and configuration services, ranging from simple test and training systems to full-scale production environments. DBInfosys leverages proven techniques and experience with OracleŽ technologies, such as Real Application Clusters and DataGuard, to address varying needs of installation complexity in the areas of high availability, scalability, and disaster recovery.


System Health Check & Tuning

The health of all system components of an Application and/or Oracle software implementation are verified using standard monitoring techniques. Systems are analyzed to help identify bottlenecks and tuned to correct problem areas. Customers with an active RDBA contract can expect standard maintenance activities to be performed regularly to ensure that system uptime and performance standards are met or exceeded. OracleŽ Grid Control/OEM installation and configuration services are also available.


Upgrades & Patching

DBInfosys is experienced at applying application and OracleŽ upgrades and patches in a wide variety of technical environments. Upgrade and patch implementations typically occur in

multiple phases to provide for testing and verification of patch/upgrade procedures prior to implementation in the production environment. DBInfosys can assist in every aspect of the process on every tier of the environment from the initial creation and patching of a testing environment to the final deployment of a patch or upgrade in production.


Database & Application Security

With in-depth knowledge of each component in the system architecture and a unique understanding application security configuration, the Consultant is a valuable resource in helping the customer to define and implement a security plan that covers all aspects of the environment. DBInfosys can also manage security setup and patching on an ongoing basis, as required by the customer.


Backup & Recovery

DBInfosys has a sound understanding of OracleŽ backup and recovery needs. This knowledge is applied to assist in developing, testing, and implementing a thorough backup and recovery strategy that meets the specific needs of each customer. Recovery procedures should be tested periodically to verify procedures and validate the recovery scenario. DBInfosys can assist with these activities as well.


Technical Training

A wide range of technical training offerings are available to assist customer staff in learning to maintain and administer their OracleŽ systems. Technical training is offered at different experience levels in OracleŽ technologies such as database and application server administration and Oracle Forms and Reports development techniques.


RDBA Contract Benefits

Customers with an active RDBA contract receive the following benefits over the use of ad hoc

technical services.



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